Other Modalities

Qi Healing & Medical Qi Gong

Qi Healing is an energy medicine that uses breath, gentle movement and focused consciousness to treat the subtle energy fields that surround the body. The energy field is scanned and blockages are assessed and cleared. Often conditions can be treated in the energy field before they have ever manifested in the body. Qi Healing is also incredibly effective for treating the emotional aspects of chronic conditions. Patients often feel immediate relief and a deep sense of relaxation.  Medical Qi Gong consists of prescriptive movement and breathing protocols for various conditions; patients are taught and assigned exercises that meet their specific needs.

Cupping & Gua Sha

Cupping therapy uses the inverse pressure, or suction, created by specially designed cups placed on specific areas of the body to pull oxygenated blood into the tissues increasing circulation, relieving muscle tightness, mobilizing connective tissue and alleviating pain as well as symptoms of the common cold.  Cups may be left stationary or gently slid over the skin with massage oil. Gua sha is a scraping technique that also improves circulation, releases muscular and connective tissue tightness, improves skin tone and elasticity and flushes out the build-up of toxins. Both Cupping and Guasha result in a painless reddening of the skin in the area treated which can last between a few hours and a few days.

Moxibustion & Infrared Heat Therapy

Infrared Heat therapy is used to warm the body tissues and increase circulation thereby accelerating the healing process. An infrared lamp or a heated biomat is used to treat large areas of the body. Moxibustion is a traditional infrared technique that uses burning mugwort to safely stimulate specific acupuncture points.

Massage & Manual Therapy

Massage and Manual therapy are used as an adjunct to acupuncture to mobilize joints, loosen tendons, relieve tight muscles and open fascial passages. Techniques include acupressure, tuina, Thai massage and Cranial-Sacral therapy. The effect is deep relaxation, increased circulation of qi & blood and faster healing.

Holistic Nutrition & Botanical Therapy

Nutrition, herbal teas, and essential oils are used in holistic medicine to nourish the substance of the body to better support the smooth flow of energy so that  health is more quickly and effectively restored. Diet is an important part of every healthcare plan. Teas and essential oils not only delight the senses but also accelerate healing. Therapeutic foot soaks are also available and are effective for particular conditions.

Facial Rejuvenation Therapy

By building collagen, improving circulation and toning muscles this acupuncture protocol brings a new vibrancy to the face and promotes overall well-being. Facial Rejuvenation is more than a cosmetic procedure- it engenders health and constitutional rejuvenation. It is only appropriate for particular patients, is not covered by insurance and requires a commitment of 12 sessions.